Episode 3 - The LMS Discussion (Choosing a Customer LMS)

November 14, 2018 01:02:15
Episode 3 - The LMS Discussion (Choosing a Customer LMS)
CELab: The Customer Education Lab
Episode 3 - The LMS Discussion (Choosing a Customer LMS)

Nov 14 2018 | 01:02:15


Show Notes

One of the most common questions we get asked from people who are starting Customer Education programs is, “Do I need a Learning Management System?” How do you go about selecting a Customer LMS?

An LMS seems like a standard part of a Customer Education Program and it’s usually the first system to be implemented. But is it right for everyone?

Startups can’t always get the budget for it or justify the ROI. Even more established companies find that their LMS doesn’t always work for them.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is often the first system that a Customer Education function will purchase. After all, if you’re going to deliver online courses, you need a place to host them and track people’s completion. And even for live courses, you need a place for people to register and manage their enrollments.

The earliest LMS platforms were used in academia, government/military, and then corporate HR departments, to track courses and required trainings. But today, many LMS systems serve more modern use cases like sales enablement and — of course — Customer Education.

These LMS platforms have become both more sophisticated and more specialized. Some “extended enterprise” systems allow you to manage training for internal learners, partners, and customers. Other “customer training platforms” focus primarily on customers or other external learners. There are so many subcategories that the overall market has over 800 vendors!

But many of those vendors are clunky, hard to manage, or not friendly to customers. According to a benchmark by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), LMS platforms continue to be among the most used, but least liked, software for Education teams.

This means that even though you’ll likely need an LMS, you’ll need to be choosy about which one you pick. You also may want to experiment before choosing an LMS. In our third episode of CELab, we debate the pros and cons of Customer LMS platforms.

What’s essential about a Customer LMS — and what can you do before you have one?


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