Episode 124 - Sharon Castillo - Why Good Accessibility is Good Customer Education

January 25, 2024 00:47:39
Episode 124 - Sharon Castillo - Why Good Accessibility is Good Customer Education
CELab: The Customer Education Lab
Episode 124 - Sharon Castillo - Why Good Accessibility is Good Customer Education

Jan 25 2024 | 00:47:39


Show Notes

Have you ever considered how an overlooked design choice could shut out a swath of eager learners? Imagine excluding twenty-five percent of adults from your training programs. That's the staggering possibility we tackle in Episode 124, as we welcome our friend Sharon Castillo to the show!  Sharon is a Customer Engagement and Education Leader currently working as Sr. Director of content Strategy and Enablement at Okta.

Making training accessible is more than a box-ticking exercise; it's a strategic imperative that opens the door to a diverse audience, ready to engage with your product. Our conversation not only sheds light on the barriers to learning but also equips content creators with the know-how to craft learning experiences that welcome everyone to the table. Accessibility is a topic we've perhaps only touched upon on the CELab podcast, so Sharon shares why accessibility - particularly good accessibility, is also good customer education.  We discuss the kinds of platforms and tools you'll want to include in your planning, even as a very early-phase program.

So join us as we ‘access accessibility’ for Customer Education!

About the Show

CELab is the Customer Education Lab for Innovative Customer Success, Enablement, and Marketing Teams. Our mission is to explore how to build Customer Education programs, experiment with new approaches, and exterminate the myths and bad advice that stop growth dead in its tracks.

Listen in as we discuss:


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